Adweek – 5 Super Bowl Advertisers That Nailed Their Instagram Marketing

February 8, 2016
by Lauren Johnson, Adweek


Instagram reps today said that 38 million people engaged with the app's Super Bowl-related content 155 million times on Sunday. Indeed, the visual platform is becoming an increasingly important communications channel for consumers—and marketers are meeting them there.

So how did Big Game advertisers do on the Facebook-owned app? To find out, social-media vendor Engagement Labs compared brands' data from the week leading up to the game and their traffic on the app last night.

The Toronto-based company's numbers are comprised of three stats—engagement, impact and responsiveness. Engagement stats measure likes, comments and clicks. Impact logs how many people saw the content either organically or through paid ads. And responsiveness clocks marketers' speed, quality and rate of response to followers' comments.

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