Goya Foods, Always Present Helping the Community



by: Hernando Ramírez-Santos

A young Hispanic girl with a serious heart condition dreamed of having a big Quinceañera, so the Make-A-Wish organization sought out Goya Foods to help fulfill the girl’s dreams, who depends on a pacemaker to live. The company not only responded with a donation of funds, but also helped her get a new dress for the party, made the invitations and a group of employees collaborated with the room decorations where they celebrated the Quinceañera.

With a small gesture, like fulfilling the dream of a seriously ill girl, or donating millions of tons of food to victims of natural tragedies, Goya Foods reflects its social responsibility and commitment to its community, which are the Hispanic food company’s fundamental values.

For 82 years, Goya Foods has not only been one of the main food providers for Latinos in the US, but one of its greatest benefactors. According to the TotalSocial classifications of the Engagement Labs data and analysis firm, in 2018, it ranked second among the leading companies of social influence among the largest food brands in the US.


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