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Word of Mouth and Social Media: A Ten-Year Update

Published by Engagement Labs on December 17, 2020
Publish date: December 17, 2020   Ten years ago I published this piece at MediaVillage about newly released research which shined much needed light on online vs. offline word of mouth. It was conducted by several esteemed marketing professors and was unveiled at a Wharton event. I recently revisited the results and updated them to see just how […]

In Defense Of Short-Term Marketing

Published by Engagement Labs on November 18, 2020
by Corinne Casagrande , November 18, 2020 … Here are some other ways your brand can benefit from bringing sales forward: 1. Improving your look-a-like models. With more conversions, you have a bigger pool of what the people who converted look like. This helps you make decisions on how to get more of these people. 2. Increasing customer lifetime value.  […]

Trust and Historic Television Viewership Equal Brand Sales

Published by Engagement Labs on November 10, 2020
  November 10, 2020 By Brad Seitter   … Before advertising on broadcast TV, Roof Fix closed sales at no more than 30 percent regardless of the medium they advertised on. Once they moved to broadcast TV, their close ratio jumped to 80 percent and revenue grew exponentially over the next five years. Duane said that […]

Biden Word-of-Mouth Sentiment Turns Positive For First Time

Published by Engagement Labs on October 19, 2020
  Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden is being talked about slightly more positively than negatively for the first time during the campaign, according to the latest three-week rolling average from Engagement Labs. Joe Biden has a “net sentiment” of +1, meaning slightly more kitchen-table conversations about the candidate are positive rather than negative, a […]

Radio Ranks As Most Trustworthy Source in New iHeartMedia Poll

Published by Engagement Labs on September 4, 2020
  The survey also revealed radio delivers tangible benefits to listeners, from improving mood to remaining connected to the community BY SUSAN ASHWORTH ⋅ PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 A survey conducted for iHeartMedia found that radio continues to rank very highly as a trustworthy medium.In fact it found radio to be number one in terms of […]

Survey: Listeners Trust In Radio Has Grown While Social Media Trust Has Declined

Published by Engagement Labs on September 1, 2020
Sep 1, 2020 A new survey of radio listeners finds their trust in radio and its personalities continues to grow as social media has become far less trustworthy during the past year. Conducted by data and analytics firm Engagement Labs and commissioned by iHeartMedia, the study shows listeners ages 18-69 place higher trust in radio […]

MarketingCharts Data Hub: Coronavirus and Marketing [Updated]

Published by Engagement Labs on August 3, 2020
  August 3, 2020 Let’s take an updated look at how marketers and consumers are dealing with this crisis. The below is a curated list of data that we’ve gathered in recent weeks, but with news about the global spread of the coronavirus and its effects on consumers and businesses changing daily, this data will […]

Word-Of-Mouth Remains Vital To Consumers During COVID-19

Published by Engagement Labs on July 31, 2020
  by Ed Keller, Columnist The COVID-19 pandemic may have cleared out offices, public transit, bars, restaurants, and social gatherings, but Americans have continued to enjoy their gift for gab when it comes to talking about and recommending brands. Compared to a year ago, consumer talk is up by double digits in social media. Yet despite […] logo

Chrissy Teigen Joins Boycott of Goya Foods After CEO Says ‘We’re All Truly Blessed’ to Have Trump

Published by Engagement Labs on July 10, 2020
  By Benjamin VanHoose July 10, 2020 10:46 AM   … Goya Foods was founded by Spanish immigrants in 1936, according to the brand’s official website. The company offers more than 2,500 different products from Caribbean, Mexico, Spain, Central and South America. In March 2019, Goya was voted America’s No. 2 most-loved food brand, per the Engagement Labs’ […]

Americans Talking About Racial Justice, COVID-19 Also Talk About Brands’ Engagement With Issues

Published by Engagement Labs on July 1, 2020
by Laurie Sullivan @lauriesullivan Marketers have turned their attention to racial justice and unrest, recognizing a long overdue need to use their influence in advertising and organic platforms to bring about change in America. Knowing how many brands have become engaged with both COVID-19 and racial justice is important. People who discuss racial justice or major health issues […]