Introducing TotalSocial – Make Every Conversation Count: Webinar Question & Answer

Published by Engagement Labs on July 4, 2016

We heard your questions during our June 29th webinar Introducing TotalSocial – Make every conversation countTM and we have your answers below:

Are you able to isolate the data by various markets or geographic parameters?

  • Currently, we are running TotalSocial data in the US and UK markets.  TotalSocial measurement  is being undertaken for clients in other geographies on a proprietary basis.

Can you describe offline brand sharing?

  • Offline brand sharing refers the percentage of brand-related word of mouth (WOM) conversations that discuss any type of paid, owned or earned media such as TV or digital ads, the brand website, or social media, to name just a few.

Can you explain the difference between the offerings of TotalSocial and a Media Mix Modeling like Ninah?

  • Among its many uses, TotalSocial scores and underlying data are excellent inputs to media mix models. TotalSocial Predict (coming in Q1 2017) will be a simulator based on a model that we are developing, which will estimate the impact of marketing changes on TotalSocial metrics

  Are you able to profile a brand’s WOM champions?

  • Yes, this is part of our TotalSocial Diagnostic product.

Is the assumption that 100% of WOM occurs organically, hence all the impact on sales is direct? Isn’t it likely that marketing activities like TV trigger WOM which then may have a downstream effect on sales? In other words, marketing should get credit for some of the 13%.

  • Indeed, our modeling work has shown that WOM impacts sales on its own, but also as an amplifier of paid media, such as out of home advertising, paid social, etc.

When WOM was added to marketing mix models, did the 13% contribution come mainly from incremental sales previously attributed to marketing? From base or core sales? Both?

  • Both.

Does a change of a point on one of the metrics produce the same result for all brands, or does the result differ across brands?

  • In the modeling work we’ve done, we’ve seen the impact varies across categories.

Is Total Social available only for the Top 500 brands? What about brands in other categories beyond those you currently offer?

  • Our syndicated TotalSocial product has 500 brands in the categories we shared, but we have techniques for adding brands on a custom basis we’d be happy to discuss.

Is TotalSocial actively researching more brands, outside of the 500 that they have now?

  • We have clients who are running custom studies to collect data for brands and geographies not covered in the syndicated product.

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