How To Track Your Community Manager’s Performance

Published by Engagement Labs on November 11, 2014

Perhaps you have an entire team of community managers working for you, or maybe just one. Either way, you know that they’re vital to your company’s success. If your community managers do their jobs right, their efforts can yield higher sales, as well as a larger and more loyal customer base.

Community managers have a very important (and challenging) job in today’s online marketplace. They often have to juggle many tasks ranging from customer service, user engagement, marketing, content creation and even business development – all of which can make measuring the effectiveness of your community manager an extremely difficult task.

Chances are you don’t have time to drill down into the hundreds of social media metrics available to assess whether they’re doing a good job. Ideally, you need a social media KPI that’s transparent and meaningful – which allows you to easily assess how well your CM is doing, in real time.

To get the quickest and most thorough overview, it’s critical to go beyond the conventional metrics of social media — things like number of fans or likes — and into deeper indicators of performance. Tools like evalue™ offer incredible functionality when it comes to evaluating your CM’s performance.

The Ideal KPI; the evalue™ score

evalue™ analytics scores your brand’s overall social media performance on a scale of 1-100 across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The tool pulls every metric available on social media to construct the evalue™ score, which is calculated based on three main sub-scores: engagement, responsiveness, and impact, and benchmarked against 50,000 verified brands (learn more). Backed by all these core elements, evalue enables you to break down the mountains of “big data” and get a quick and reliable overview in one top-line KPI: of how your community managers and as a result, your brand are performing.


Benchmarking Against Competitors

On social, the best way to assess your brand’s performance and get the most of these social media metrics is by benchmarking it against your closest competitors. As seen above with the evalue score, by grouping a cluster of competitors together, you can easily see where you rank, and get a better insight of how the efforts of your community manager are faring, over a specific period or up to the minute.

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About eValue™:

The eValue™ score measures the effectiveness of a brand’s overall social media performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and provides a score from 0 – 100. It’s the aggregate of the three subscores including Engagement, Impact, and Responsiveness that work together to create one top-level KPI. Our subscores are calculated by using hundreds of sub metrics which are then benchmarked against a hand-picked database of 75,000 verified brand accounts on each channel.

Engagement: Measures the level of interaction generated by your content and how well your community reacts to it.

Impact: Measures how many unique users have potentially been exposed to a piece of content posted by the channel’s admin through organic, viral and paid reach.

Responsiveness: Measures the rate, speed and quality of your responses to fans.