Hey Canada! Here’s your 6-pack line-up for top Canadian beer brands on Twitter.

Published by Engagement Labs on May 15, 2015

What will you be drinking this May 2-4 weekend?

The Victoria Day long weekend is here, which means Canadians will be going to their cottages, firing up the barbecue and hitting up patios to celebrate the unofficial end of another long and brutal winter. And what better way to kick off the summer than by cracking open a few brewskis? After all, it’s not called the May 2-4 weekend for nothing.

In our most recent press release we looked at the top Canadian beer brands and breweries on Twitter using our eValue™ tool and ranked them according to their performance on Twitter. We’re taking a deeper dive into some of the top brands to see how they’re utilizing social to reach their audience.

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Top 6 Canadian beer brands on Twitter
1. Molson Canadian
2. Steamwhistle
3. Bud Light Canada
4. Molson Canadian 67
5. Coors Light Canada
6. Budweiser Canada

Here’s your long weekend 6-pack!

Molson Canadian
Molson Canadian came out on top as the number 1 Canadian beer brand on Twitter taking 2 out of the 3 main subscores (Engagement and Impact) and dominating in the majority of our metrics. Even though they have a considerably smaller fan base, the number of retweets and favourites that they’ve received blows the competition away. In terms of numbers, Molson is up 62% on retweets, up 126% on favourites, and up 19% on mentions compared to their closest competitor on the list.

This overwhelmingly positive fan reaction goes to show how well their content is resonating with their Canadian audience. From posts that create excitement around the hockey playoffs with the hashtag #anythingforhockey, to posts that utilizes the Molson Canadian brand in humourous ways,  Molson Canadian is creating perfectly tailored, easy to share content to their audience.

Steam Whistle

Toronto’s own Steam Whistle came in at 2nd place with an eValue™ score of 69.12 out of 100. Not only are they they youngest brewer in our 6-pack celebrating #15YearsOfBeer this year, they also have the largest fan base by almost double compared to the other beers in our long weekend line-up. The brand also took the top score for Responsiveness, which takes into account the effort brands put in day-to-day responding to followers. Steam Whistle also dominated in the number of admin tweets, replies and retweets, not only posting their own content but generously mentions, @’s, and retweets accounts that are relevant to their followers, as you can see from the chart below.

Unlike Molson Canadian whose content speaks to a more typically “Canadian” audience, Steam Whistle is unabashedly indie. Posting links to upcoming events, concerts, as well as highlighting different establishments that their beer is sold in. Steam Whistle’s account strives to be more of a cultural hub than simply a brand page for beer.

Bud Light Canada

Bud Light came in 3rd however, they could have easily been in the top two. Their eValue™ score suffered as a result of a recent campaign blunder. “During their ‘up for whatever’ campaign the company launched a new wave of Bud Light bottles featuring snappy lines on the label. One of the labels instantly came under fire on social. This caused them to cease activity on their Twitter channel which lead to a decrease in their Impact and Responsiveness scores.

This example shows the effect a campaign mishap can have to a brand’s eValue™ score. As Bud Light begins to ramp up their social campaigns again this is a great example to demonstrate to brands how they can use eValue™ to measure, compare and take actionable insights when analyzing fluctuations in their score. For example when Bud Light Canada came back to social after a couple day hiatus their eValue™ score immediately began to increase. This is due to the fact that as a brand they already had an established social following, and high impact and engagement on their social channels.

The below graph shows the dip in Bud Light Canada’s eValue™ score around May 6th but also shows them on an upward swing, regaining traction from the 8th to the 10th.

Molson Canadian 67

Molson Canadian 67 placed 4th on our list. Scoring the second highest in the Engagement sub score behind Molson Canadian, the brand’s content takes similar cues from its sister brand, Molson Canadian, with content being particularly “Canadianized”. Focusing predominantly on “living an active lifestyle”, the brand post a lot of golf related content along with content relating to outdoor activities such as barbecuing and hiking. This stream of content fits particularly with the brands target audience of women and health conscious men.

The graph below shows Molson Canadian and Molson 67 Engagement scores over time 

Coors Light Canada

The number 5 spot in our 6-pack goes to Coors Light Canada. With the second highest number of followers, Coors Light, like that of Molson Canadian creates humorous, accessible content that resonates well with the demographic that drinks their beer. Posting fun do-it-yourself content as well as utilizing the hashtag #ClimbThatMountain in many of their posts, Coors Light makes their content easily relatable to their target audience.


Budweiser Canada

And to level out the 6-pack we have Budweiser Canada. Recently touted as Canada’s favourite beer, the beer brand’s presence on Twitter is typical of most beer brands on our list focusing largely on sports related content, being the official sponsors of the Toronto Blue Jays, Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, and Toronto FC. Their content is very “Canadian”, recently engaging their audience through a campaign calling out Saskatchewan as the province that has produced more pro hockey players than any other province in Canada. However, the campaign seemed to be too provincially targeted and did not seem resonate with their audience, seeing low levels of engagement through favourites and retweets.

So there you have it fellow Canucks, your long weekend 6-pack.

Cheers from the eValue™ team and have a happy May 2-4 long weekend!


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