Matt Phillips

As Vice President of Client Success at Engagement Labs, Matt is dedicated to providing strategic insights and actionable solutions for clients to better understand how conversations – both offline and online – are impacting their businesses.

With nearly 20 years of concentration and professional experience in marketing, Matt is a firm believer in the power of everyday conversations to drive measurable business results for brands. Matt has been with Engagement Labs since 2013, and his current role is instrumental in delivering the TotalSocial measurement and analytics tools to clients, providing marketers and consumer insights teams at some of today’s leading brands with a comprehensive view of how audiences are talking about their brand, both offline and online.

Prior to joining Engagement Labs, Matt worked as a consultant with NM Incite, the Nielsen and McKinsey joint venture, advising a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies on social media strategy and best practices.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Wake Forest University.