Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider is the VP of Data Development at Engagement Labs. He has fifteen years of experience in the field of data and analytics and played a vital role in combining the consumer conversations that occur both online and offline that are included in the flagship product TotalSocial®.

As the VP of Data Development, Ben helps our head of product integrate the work of Technology, Research, and Customer Success. Ben also works closely with Engagement Labs technology partners, to deliver the most actionable data possible to our customers and teams. Prior to his data development role, Ben provided custom research services to a wide range of Engagement Labs clients in the categories of media, video games, technology, telecom, consumer packaged goods, as well as media agencies.

Before joining Engagement Labs and Keller Fay Group (which was merged into Engagement Labs), he worked at Opinion Research for their Customer Strategies division, working with large utilities, delivery service companies, and medical device companies. Ben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Northeastern University.