Data and Banks and Robots, Oh My!

Published by Engagement Labs on June 16, 2015

Buying Your First Home Doesn’t Have To Be Science Fiction

“The Mortgage” Sci-Fi Trailer  (click to enlarge)
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Last year Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) partnered with Engagement Labs to create a series of videos fit for the big screen but created specifically for YouTube to attract the attention of first-time home-buyers. With about two-thirds of first-time home buyers being millennials, an audience that consumes media differently than previous generations, RBC knew they had to do something different to get their attention.

The Challenge?

The challenge for RBC was understanding how to break through to this audience with a message that was going to resonate with them. Enter the Engagement Labs creative team who presented RBC with a YouTube campaign demonstrating the emotions that first-time home-buyers experience when going through the process of buying their first house.

The Horror, The Drama, The Romantic Comedy Mortgage Trailers

Leveraging the eValue™ Analytics tool to gain insight into the target audience, Engagement Labs created a series of three movie trailers: a romantic-comedy, a horror, and a drama, which compared the experience of buying a first home to either being romantic, dramatic, or horrific. The 2014 series garnered 1 million views on RBC’s YouTube channel in the very first month of their release, with one of the trailers becoming the first video on RBC’s YouTube channel to reach over 1 million views.

Check out last year’s RBC “The Mortgage” Trailer Posters

Wait, Robots?

Building on the tremendous success of last year’s movie trailers, RBC called upon Engagement Labs, led by Chief Creative Officer Anthony Wolch, to create a fourth installment in the series. “We have actual data points that unequivocally demonstrate that first time time buyers in Canada categorize their first-time home-buying experience as either being romantic, dramatic, horrific, or feels like total science fiction,” said Wolch.

Screenshots from the “The Mortgage” Sci-Fi Trailer

It Doesn’t Have to Be Science Fiction

With the latest spot, RBC wanted to show that “buying your first home doesn’t need to be science fiction, and RBC can help provide that guidance along the way,” said Larry Jacobs, Head, Marketing, RBC. And that is exactly the theme that our creative team leveraged to create this fourth installment.

YouTube Content Fit for Hollywood

Wolch knew that the trailer had to be Hollywood calibre to resonate with this audience so he called upon German directing duo Alex & Steffen, a pair renowned in the industry for their award winning work in future-themed 3D animation combining live action shots with computer-generated visual effects.

“Using the learning from last year, we leveraged the high fidelity content to make sure that at the point where people tended to drop off, we would bring in another robotic scene or another sequence with such incredible CGI that people would want to continue watching,” explained Wolch.

Watch the latest RBC “The Mortgage” Sci-Fi Movie Trailer Below

The sci-fi trailer has been a runaway hit to date, racking up views in excess of 103,000 in its first 6 days online and written up in publications such as Marketing Magazine and AgencySpy.

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