Client testimonials

“Over the years, Keller Fay, now Engagement Labs, has helped us understand how different the TV program conversation is offline versus the conversations on social networks. With TotalSocial, CBS and others in the industry, who appreciate the importance of holistic measurement, will get a deep understanding of all the conversations happening around their programs, regardless of where these conversations take place. This will help our industry and our advertisers better understand exactly which TV shows have true social currency.”

– David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer of CBS and President, CBS Vision

General Mills
“Keller and Fay shine a well-document light on a new marketing model that reimagines social media and word of mouth at the center of a marketing mix.”

– Mark Addicks, Former SVP/ Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills

NBC Universal
“Ed Keller and Brad Fay are at the very front edge of the industry conversation about how to get consumer talking, and they are creating new wisdom on the subject every day.”

– Tony Cardinale, EVP Brand Planning and Strategic Insights, NBC Universal

Universall McCann
“Keller Fay (now Engagement Labs), excels in six metric categories which clearly distinguish it from other word of mouth or buzz trackers:

  1. Unequivocal WOM demographic profiles which cover 100% of the total sample without any modeling or assumptions.
  2. Robust sentiment scores which are both the most comprehensive and nuanced relative to any other industry sources.
  3. Media source of WOM is built into the database which provides direct line-of-sight on how media advertising and related promotions can help spur WOM.
  4. Ready-made market category measures enabling rapid comparisons and norms to be established for our brands.
  5. Influencers scores and norms are readily apparent for each market category.
  6. Visibility on how brand conversations build their virality across a consumer’s own network of family, friends, colleagues and other contacts.

We have had great success harnessing Engagement Labs (formerly Keller Fay) data in our ad effectiveness models which attests to the insights this research can unleash. Overall, they have added greatly to our understanding of how and why WOM works and the valuable role advertising can play in this burgeoning consumer activity.”

– Graeme Hutton, SVP, Group Partner, Research, UM

“For the last few years we have been frustrated by the limited, biased, and even negative “buzz” documented on the web. Engagement Labs, formerly Keller Fay, has opened up a powerful new option by unlocking the majority of dialogue enabling us to truly “listen” to American consumers. This has provided a clearer, more complete picture of what the majority are talking about – how they feel about our brand, the context in which they speak about our brand, and insights into emerging trends.”

– Artie Bulgrin, SVP Research and Sales Development, ESPN

News UK
“The Keller Fay team (now Engagement Labs) have worked closely and collaboratively with us to promote the power of word of mouth influence more widely within the organisation and the benefits of this have been felt not only in the Commercial department but also across other areas of the business.”

– Sean Adams, Head of Insight, Commercial News UK