Female colleagues support Tom Brokaw amid allegations

Branded Entertainment Network announced record revenue for 1Q18, the strongest quarter in the company’s history. With 1500 brand integrations delivered in the first quarter, the company is on track to deliver more than 6,000 integrations in 2018. Helping BEN’s growth were the additions of Cheerios (General Mills), Greyhound, Suave (Unilever), Pizza Hut, Secret (P&G), and WowWee as new clients. Walmart is the most-talked-about brand offline (via face-to-face conversations), according to Engagement Labs, followed by Coca Cola and Samsung. Most-talked-about brand online (via social media) was Fox News; the NBA and the NFL were second and third. “These brands compete fiercely on the playing field by investing in talkworthy advertising, designing talkworthy products and cultivating relationships with loyal customers who advocate for the brand,” said Engagement Labs CEO Ed Keller. Read the full Cynopsis Media article, here.
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