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The Worst Hashtags
July 31, 2014

Once upon a time, hashtags were used as labels for filtering relevant content and conversations. Over the years, as many flocked to Twitter and Instagram, hashtags also became a marketing tool all on their own. From social media marketing campaigns to political revolutions, hashtags now play an important role in marketing, television watching and the […]

Learning our tricks from activists!

Here is recent post from my blog. It also speaks to where #engagementlabs came from and the strategies we apply here to create social media engagement. I recently came across an article by the venerable Tim O’Reilly (Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media) on LinkedIn. Aside from laying down some core cultural wisdom around the social media gift economy […]

Social Media Energy Battles

Clean, plentiful, cheap and not in our back yard! Taken together, the voice of public groups mobilizing on energy issues is rising in volume and power, creating a major headache for the energy industry. And now, with the help of social media, public mobilization is lightning-fast. This instant groundswell of grassroots action determines how mainstream […]

10 ways to engage your employees

What is the best way to create an engagement strategy in an organization where one has never existed? As a business owner and Communications Director, I have often had to ask myself this very question. Although I am primarily specialized in external communications, I quickly grasped the power and impact that even the smallest campaigns […]

A foolproof guide to creating your brand’s social media strategy

Regardless of the industry, every single company on the market is trying to maximize the benefits of the two way conversation taking place with consumers on social media right now. Whether it be Luxury Brands, Airlines, even your local insurance broker, it seems like everybody is on Facebook begging for you to “like”, “share” and […]

5 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Create Click Bait

If Buzzfeed, EliteDaily and the like can teach us anything (besides crazy food facts, the latest on KimYe and what it’s like to be a girl with small boobs) it’s that click bait works and that we all have the attention span of a Goldfish. Joking and easy ridicule aside, whether you are promoting your business, a side project or […]

Luxury Brands in Social Media

Last week we looked at the approachability of Luxury brands in social media and the changes that are taking place in customer expectations across all channels. The bulk of the mentions that made up our last post took place on individuals’ personal pages, this week we turn our attention to the official properties of these […]

5 skills all social media managers must master

While the idea of spending the day on Facebook and Twitter sounds like a dream job to many, it actually requires a number of specific skills to ensure your company or brand is getting the most out of its social media presence. Since I’ve been managing a forum and a community for a few years […]

Social Scoring, FIFA World Cup Style!

The World Cup kicked off last week on June 12th.  It’s projected that approximately 4 billion dollars in revenue will be generated throughout the tournament, up 44% from that of South Africa in 2010 – much of which can be attributed to the huge growth in social networks since then. Soccer is the most popular […]