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NHL Playoff Teams on Facebook
August 1, 2014

Following the long regular season which showcased the Toronto Maple Leafs’ uncanny ability to disappoint fans, we are now over a week into the world’s greatest sporting event; the NHL Playoffs. The first week of the post-season provided the expected mix of first round stubble, goonish cheapshots, and inspired OT performances. While the diehards will […]

10 Canadian beers are making it BIG on Facebook.

The scent of grilled meat wafting through neighborhoods, long days at the beach and patio season in full bloom, it’s enough to drive a person to drink. Besides Christmas eggnog, crisp fall cocktails, après ski mulled wine and Easter toddies; summer beers are one of the best boozy companions. It doesn’t take much to convince […]

Social #WorldCup: Sponsors, Moments & Stars

If you missed it, the world cup finished yesterday. #SpoilerAlert Germany won. The quadrennial tournament certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of action on the field.  If you’ve spent any time on social media during the world cup the action there was pretty furious also. Seriously did everyone take holidays for the last month? The Sponsors […]

The 3 R’s of Social Media Marketing in Sochi

The Winter Olympics are nuts! Although the summer games have more events, viewers and participants, the winter games are far more exciting. Speed skating, Skeleton, Ski-Cross, Freestyle skiing, even the tame events include guns. Add the spirit of the Olympics to this spectacle and it’s easy to understand why so many marketers want to be […]

Social Media Lessons from Canada’s Top Charities

This week we looked at the social media pages for some of Canada’s top charities. What we witnessed was a mixture of inspiring content and some social media marketing that was really top notch. Here are some lessons that other charities (and private companies) may want to borrow.

Brands are getting engaged on Valentines Day!

See which brands in Chocolate, Lingerie and Jewelry are capitalizing on the romantic atmosphere in our latest #evalue blog post.

Canadian eCommerce sites in Social Media
July 31, 2014

In the leadup to black Friday and the biggest shopping season of the year, we took a look at the Social Media properties of Canada’s top eCommerce sites and comparable companies south of the boarder. The Canadian ecommerce industry has slowly but steadily upped their game to a point where the user experience and price points are […]

C2MTL 2014: Who’s performing the best on social media?

About the Conference The C2MTL conference is taking place this week in Montreal, Canada. The event was conceptualized by Jean-François Bouchard, President of the Montreal advertising and marketing agency, Sid Lee.  Its objective is to celebrate creativity and innovation in commerce in a manner that is “somewhere between genius and insanity”. The end result: a […]

Netflix and Big Data: a Recipe for Success

Here at engagement labs, we love data and we love when companies understand what people really want. So, we decided to examine a data-driven company, Netflix, and its hugely successful series: House of Cards. According to Mohammad Sabah, Senior Data Scientist, here is a list of what Netflix tracks (1) : more than 25 million […]

How to diffuse a #social crisis

Social media is a great tool for companies and brands to engage in a two way conversation with their loyal fans. Today, with the simple click of a mouse, companies are able to reach fans across the globe in a matter of seconds. This does wonders for increasing the brand’s online presence, but it can […]