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Analytics for Small Business Part.2
August 6, 2014

Our previous blog looked at the usefulness of analytics for small business and the framework in which you should use these tools. This time we are going to focus on a few of the most accessible platforms and the type of data that you can gain. Google Analytics Google Analytics is going to be the […]

Analytics for Small Business Part.1

Small Businesses need every advantage they can get in order to be seen by the most people and spread their message. The minimum viable product is the biggest hurdle for small companies, but once you’ve got the ball rolling you need to start evaluating your efforts in order to improve going forward. Analytics make it […]

8 Points to Consider Before Joining a New Social Media Network

It’s tempting to join every new platform and sometimes even hard to keep up with them all. We see figures about extraordinary growth in one network and our ears perk up. Pinterest was an example where some companies saw tremendous referral traffic then suddenly everyone was preaching the virtues. Before you set up an account […]

Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Can Avoid

If you own a small business and don’t live under a rock, you’ve heard a lot about the benefits of social media. As easy as it is to understand the potential impact of reaching customers with the click of a mouse, the actual execution is much more difficult.

“Growth-Hacking” with Social Media: Startupfest 2014

Each year, over 2,000 founders, investors, and reporters come together in Montreal at the International Startup Festival for “a unique blend of deep content, inspiring stories, unbeatable networking, and unmistakable festival vibe.” Included in the four-day festival are keynote speeches, panel discussions, pitch competitions, how-to sessions, and powerful lessons from grizzled startup veterans. Countless startup […]

MTL food trucks are feeding on Twitter!

For the second year in a row, Montreal Food Trucks can be spotted in various locations around town. To help customers locate these funky eateries on wheels, most have chosen to sound-off on Twitter, as our social analytics research shows. But why Twitter and not Facebook? As prominent fast food chains have understood, this small […]

The 1st Vince Lombardi Social Media Marketing Awards

Super Bowl Sunday, the height of sports events, advertising and heartburn in America has come and gone. The 43-8 point shelling isn’t a game that will be remembered as a classic sport anthology moment and we’re pretty sure that more than a few people stepped out during the second half to see if something better […]

Luxury brands, social media and retail experience
August 5, 2014

Luxury brands have traditionally been considered « distant » by customers, but lately they’ve been crossing over to the social media sphere to interact with loyal as well as new fans. Luxury brands are trying to democratize their customer approach by reaching out online, but is it working? Because having good products is not enough […]

Get the scoop: which ice cream brands are winning social
August 4, 2014

July is National Ice Cream Month in the US. At this point, it’s safe to say that all ice cream brands embrace the idea that social media needs to be a core component of their marketing initiatives, and even more so during this annual “social holiday”. With the growing trend of omni-channel marketing, consumer packaged […]

The History of Social Analytics

With the release of, what better way to celebrate the progress that Social Analytics has made, than with this awesome infographic! Enjoy and if you like it please share the link with your friends! For more information on our metrics, or to showcase your own social performance, click here. For more information on eValue™ […]