Canada Vs. The U.S.: Who Serves Up the Beer with the Best Social Media Presence?

Published by Engagement Labs on November 24, 2015

It’s the age-old question. Which nation does beer better – Canada or the U.S.? Engagement Labs recently ranked the top beer brands in Canada and the U.S. for social media performance. While we may not be able to settle this feud with a definitive answer to which country does beer better, we can show you what the top Canadian and U.S. beer brands have been doing on social media to become the leading beer brands according to eValue.

Team 1: Top Canadian Beer Brands

Molson Canadian

As one of Canada’s most well-known beers, Molson Canadian ranked first on Facebook and third on Twitter for overall eValue score. Leveraging their Canadian reputation, the brand embraces the nation’s most-tried stereotypes like its love for hockey, to gain the highest Impact score on Twitter.


Stella Artois

Placing second on Facebook, the golden-colored lager solidified its ranking by placing first for Impact and Responsiveness of top Canadian beers on the channel. With the most number of likes per 1,000 fans, Stella Artois’ online fans are happily gulping down the classic professional photography of their beer on their channel.


Steam Whistle

Brewed fresh in Toronto, this traditionally-made beer places third on Facebook and second on Twitter. Steam Whistle stays at the top of their game through authentic Canadian hospitality, such as talking directly to followers and sharing their followers’ content, securing the highest Responsiveness score on Twitter for Canadian beers.


Coors Light

Molson Canadian isn’t the only brand embracing the Canadian stereotypes, as Coors Light puts up an admirable fight to place fourth on Facebook and Twitter for overall eValue score. Branding is everything for Coors Light as they consistently use their affiliation with the Rocky Mountains to market their beer to their online fans.



Budweiser may not be as popular online to Canadians as it is to Americans, but that doesn’t stop the brand from placing fifth on Facebook and Twitter for top beer brands in Canada. The brand managed to rank first for Engagement on Twitter by attaching itself to some of the biggest sports events this year, such as the Blue Jays’ play-off run, to target its sports-loving followers.

Team 2: Top U.S. Beer Brands

Corona Extra

Pair it with a lime and you’ve got yourself the perfect beachside beer. Selling more than just a beer, Corona Extra sells the idea of a beachside vacation paired with their crisp and refreshing beverage. We see this pay off on social media with a first place ranking for top U.S. beer brands on Facebook.


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Known for its appeal to the hipster community, Pabst Blue Ribbon doesn’t just appeal to its niche demographic as we see it place second on Facebook with the highest Engagement score of the group. In true hipster fashion, professional photography is swapped out for user-generated content such as users’ artwork or Instagram posts incorporating the beer and its accompanying hashtags #Pabst and #PBR.



It looks like Budweiser is more popular amongst Americans than Canadians as “The Great American Lager” places third on both Facebook and Twitter for top U.S. beer brands. On both channels, the brand takes the time to respond frequently to their fans, ensuring to include the hashtag #ThisBudsForYou. Raising their virtual glass to their followers resulted in the highest Responsiveness scores on both channels for the brand.


Miller Lite

Miller Lite should pour itself a tall glass for dominating Twitter with a first place ranking for overall eValue score, Engagement and Impact for top U.S. beer brands. With the largest Twitter following, the beer keeps its fans engaged by posting humorous and snappy tweets incorporating their own hashtag #ItsMillerTime.


Bud Light

Bud Light knows who they’re after and targets their social media strategy to sports enthusiasts. Placing fourth on Facebook and third on Twitter for top U.S. beer brands, the beer attaches itself to the major sports leagues selling itself as the beer you want to sip during any sports game.

The Last Sip

So while we may not have settled any disputes over the nation with the best-tasting beer, we have seen what the top beer brands in both Canada and the U.S. are doing to own the online space. With so many competitors, top beer brands have to take unique approaches to reach their diverse audiences. So crack open a tall boy and start brainstorming!

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