Brands are getting engaged on Valentines Day!

Published by Engagement Labs on August 1, 2014

From its violent beginnings, Valentines Day has evolved into a time of the year that is both anticipated and dreaded. It allows marketers to celebrate love, pray on insecure relationships and make single people feel left out.

Brands are capitalizing on the romantic atmosphere, especially in industries whose gifts have become synonymous with February 14th. To find out which gifts are most in demand we tracked some of the top Facebook pages in chocolate, lingerie and jewelry.


Most of the chocolate pages that we looked at had one variety of promotion or another, some with coupons other encouraging fans to share a post to win chocolate. The majority of these posts were greeted with enthusiasm. Ghirardelli was the most successful chocolate brand with over 200,000 likes during the two-week period. While the majority of Ghirardelli posts were about their chocolate, they were unique in included a non-chocolate valentines gift guide that were focused on the oft forgotten men. Also notable was the Canadian brand Purdy’s, for a page of just over 50,000 fans they had and outstanding 3,469 comments, 10,105 likes and 657 shares. They achieved this by encouraging fans to interact with their page in hopes of winning some of their mouth watering chocolate.



The marketing messages that different “intimate” brands focused on varied widely with their target market. The Aerie brand, markets towards a youth demographic and focuses on self love, their new no photoshop #AerieReal campaign and phrases like “flirtatious” in their Valentine’s messaging instead of being overtly sexualized. This stands in stark contrast to Victoria’s Secret and La Senza’s messaging and images. The Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day promotion is called “Bombshell Day” and focuses squarely on these sexy images. While the Aerie page had far fewer likes and shares, the sentiment on their page was well received. Victoria secret was easily the most active of the lingerie pages having 383,000 likes, compared to only 26,000 for La Senza and 7,000 for Aerie.


Jewelry brands are the clear winner thus far in the Valentine’s marketing. Pandora, Cartier, and Tiffany are all getting huge fan growth and interaction. Cartier has received support from over 225,000 new fans since the beginning of February, while Tiffany & Co. gained over 300,000. Even more impressive are the nearly 1 million likes and 50,000 shares for Tiffany & Co. They were progressive and included posts that focused on men’s gifts but truly achieved their success through focusing on romance. The posts by both these brands were aspirational and included whimsical text and glamorous pictures.


Tradition wins. Diamonds > Chocolate


We expected that traditional messages would have been avoided and those that were used would have seen less interaction, yet in the industries that we monitored it wasn’t the case. Tiffany and Cartier had the most traditional campaigns, and completely hit it out of the park. The ratio of people talking about compared to their overall fanbase of 5.6 and 4.0 percent were outstanding for pages of this size, this compared to 0.1 for Victoria’s secret and 0.05 for Aerie. While chocolate fared slightly better with their contests and promotions, Diamonds stood out.

If the data that we saw is any indication diamonds and jewelry are clearly the most sought after gift for Valentines Day. Despite fast evolving ideals about relationships, we still respond well to traditional romantic marketing. Our prediction of having to mix it up was false; from our results we see that sometimes the most effective marketers are those who don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


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