Brand Spotlight: Newcastle Brown Ale

Published by Engagement Labs on January 26, 2015


Newcastle Brown Ale has made somewhat of a reputation out of their ability to “cut through clutter” with their advertising campaigns, most of which blatantly make fun of traditional beer advertising.

This year’s Superbowl ad does not disappoint. With their new campaign, Newcastle is crowdsourcing their Superbowl advertising, asking for brands to pool their marketing budgets together in the name of Super Bowl advertising glory. (Update: check out the final ad here)

These “teaser” spots starring comedian Aubrey Plaza have gone viral

So far, the campaign is doing a great job at boosting user engagement for the beer brand on Twitter. These short, punchy video spots with Newcastle’s trademark “No Bollocks” style of humour is perfect for social media, all of which are elements that are embedded into the culture viral media.

As we can see below, over the last two weeks @Newcastle’s Engagement score is rising steadily as the Big Game nears (an average of 53 in the period). This score measures the level of interaction generated by their content (metrics analyzed include comments, favourites, Retweets, impressions, mentions, and more.)

engagement newcastle

We stand by the notion that Engagement is the most important metric in order to determine successful social media performance. Which is why when we look at the same period (Jan 6 to Jan 24), we can see that as Newcastle’s Twitter Engagement score skyrockets, so does it’s eValue score, our KPI that measures overall social performance. During the period their eValue score went from a 38 to currently sitting on an 84 (54 average throughout the period) !

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