Brand Spotlight: Always

Published by Engagement Labs on February 5, 2015


The Always brand has become aligned with their provocative #LikeAGirl campaign, featuring an ad that flips the concept of using “like a girl” as an insult on its head. The spot, which has been called groundbreaking and features girls and boys of different ages acting out what it means to throw/run/fight “like a girl,” aired during the Super Bowl. As reflected in their current eValue score, aligning themselves with fourth-wave feminism has worked in Always’ favour.

As we see here, the eValue score for @Always on Twitter soared to a solid 100 in the days following the Super Bowl, and this is also reflected in their scores for Impact, Responsiveness, and Engagement. Their social media team was well-prepared for the onslaught of reactionary tweets on Super Bowl Sunday, as witnessed by the sharp spike in admin tweets. They retweeted positive feedback and even sent out personalized responses to Twitter users who praised the commercial.

evalue always

admin tweets

Using eValue analytics, we are able to view at-a-glance measurements for the following trends over a customized date range:

  • Always’ eValue score, which is a culmination of the metrics Engagement, Impact, and Responsiveness
  • Admin tweets and replies from the brand, which is helpful in monitoring the efforts of a community management team
  • Followers, favorites, mentions, and retweets, which helps determine if a campaign is generating conversation

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