Brand Battle: Vega vs Paleo Everyday

Published by Engagement Labs on January 15, 2015


What happens when you pit two foodie buzzwords against each other? Say, I don’t know, “paleo” and “vegan,” two of the most-searched food terms of 2014.

Vega is a Vancouver company that touts the benefits of “clean, plant-based nutrition”, while @paleoeveryday is the account of Sarah Fragoso, the author of five books, including Paleo Pals, a book that sells the virtues of eating paleo to kids.

To the dismay of those who enjoy eating like cavemen, Vega crushes Paleo Everyday, on evalue anyway: higher scores in engagement, impact, and responsiveness. Enjoy your drumsticks, paleo fans, we’ll just be over here sipping our Vega protein shakes.