Brand Battle: Skittles vs Snickers

Published by Engagement Labs on January 30, 2015


Skittles and Snickers both like to play with weird humour in their social posts (witness this actual tweet from @Skittles: “On days like this I just want to sit in a Skittles bath and have a mug of Skittles”. Now their quirkiness has extended to their Super Bowl spots, in which they’ve casted unlikely mascots. Snickers has driven home their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” slogan by casting Danny Trejo in the role of Marsha in a Brady Bunch throwback. Skittles has Marshawn Lynch taping a mock press conference.

But which brand has found their sweet spot on social? Skittles slightly edges out Snickers with an eValue score of 62, and leads the way in Impact and Responsiveness. They regularly engage with fans, even writing personalized thank-yous for RTs. Snickers is lagging behind in all categories except engagement, thanks to a lacklustre tweet stream punctuated with the uninspired hashtag #EataSNICKERS. Their content is kind of all over the place, touching on sports, seasonal stuff, and overused slang like “Hump Day.” Word of advice: if you’re going to do weird, you need to go all the way.

To the credit of both of these candy brands, their Super Bowl commercials are capturing the attention of marketing blogs and sparking online conversation. You can see a clear spike in the number of brand mentions @Skittles received on January 26, the day of the phony Marshawn press conference. Who knows what weirdness they’ll bring to the table on the day of the big game. With eValue analytics, we can easily track mentions, retweets, favourites, and whether or not Snicker and Skittles’ Super Bowl will effectively move the needle on Engagement, Responsiveness, and Impact, the KPIs that make up their eValue scores.

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