Brand Battle: Nissan vs. Toyota

Published by Engagement Labs on February 3, 2015


Based on this year’s ads, some people have begun to refer to Super Bowl as “Fathers Day Part 2”. With popular sentiment being that brands have never given fathers their due when it comes to their portrayal in ads, many brands took a different direction this year. Two major auto brands, Toyota and Nissan, went head to head in celebrating fatherhood and portraying it in a positive light.

Check them out here – and now that you’re alone, you can let those tears flow.

Nissan’s #WithDad Campaign

*The campaign celebrates the journey that dads face in trying to make family a priority while striving to balance work. Nissan also invited people on YouTube to submit videos about what fatherhood means to them.

Toyota’s #OneBoldChoice Campaign

*The ad shows a dad being there for his daughter through various life events and comes with the tagline, “Being a dad is a choice. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices someday.”

Engagement spiked for these brands on Twitter during Feb 1st:

Toyota came out on top in Potential Impressions on the platform, clocking in 10M to Nissan’s 6M. They also topped Nissan in terms of total mentions, outscoring them 5.3K to 3.9K.

mentionsBut when it comes to Retweets and Favorites, Nissan blew out it’s competitor! With 2.1 K Retweets to Toyota’s 1K and 4.6 K Favorites to their 1.6 K.


To the credit of both of these auto brands, their Super Bowl commercials definitely made a splash this year! It’s easy to see looking at the clear spike in all major engagement metrics.

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