Brand Battle: Fox Searchlight vs. The Weinstein Company

Published by Engagement Labs on February 18, 2015


The 87th Academy Awards is this Sunday, and winners predictions are going ahead. With nine nominations between them, including the Oscar for Best Film, Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel are both distributed by Fox Searchlight.

The Imitation Game collects eight nominations, giving the Weinstein Company hope not to leave empty-handed. Both Fox Searchlight and the Weinstein Company have an impressive showing at this year’s Oscars, but which of the two companies best leverages its presence on Twitter?

Using eValue Analytics, we tracked their Twitter account’s activities from February 11 to February 16 to see how they were faring in the days leading up to the February 22 broadcast. Unfortunately, with similar low eValue scores of 32 and 33, @foxsearchlight and @WeinsteinFilms don’t adopt an efficient strategy on Twitter.

Both accounts have one thing in common: a good impact score. @foxsearchlight (76) and @WeinsteinFilms (72) tweet about very popular movies among public which help them to reach more than 6 million impressions.

oscars1 oscars2

@foxsearchlight has a very low engagement score of 10, which is due to little activity: the admin tweeted only nine posts, generating 28 replies/ 258 retweets/ 353 favorites/ 292 mentions, low figures when you consider the account has more than 548,000 followers and good organic reach.

Of course, @WeinsteinFilms’ admin tweets and retweets more often, generating more retweets (745) and favorites (1105) from followers. However, the account’s community manager never reacted to the users’ 74 replies and 276 mentions. As a result, the responsiveness score is stuck at 0/100.

Even if the two movie companies are not champions of social media engagement for now, we’re keeping tabs on them to see if they take advantage of Twitter opportunities during the Oscars’ big night.

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