Brand Battle: Dunkin Donuts vs. Tim Hortons

Published by Engagement Labs on January 22, 2015


Is Dunkin’ Donuts just the American version of Tim Hortons? Well, first of all, DD has been around longer than Timmie’s. However, both chains offer cheap coffee, and bite-sized doughnut pieces known as either “”Timbits”” or “”Munchkins.””

Another thing they have in common: social media contests. @DunkinDonuts recently wrapped up their #DDHotChoc Twitter giveaway, asking their followers to tweet about “”why hot chocolate makes you happy”” to win hot chocolate for a year. @TimHortons took a more charitable route, asking fans to tweet with the hashtag #warmwishes to help provide toques to kids in need.

Yet another similarity: nearly identical evalue scores. Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons boast scores of 72 and 74, respectively. So maybe DD really is the American Tim Hortons. Or Tim Hortons is the Canadian Dunkin’ Donuts, depending on how you look at it. Either way, both brands know how to leverage hashtags.

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