Brand Battle: Cadbury vs. Hershey

Published by Engagement Labs on February 10, 2015


Cadbury and Hershey’s are two brand heavyweights when it comes to chocolate, and since chocolate is intrinsically tied to Valentine’s Day, we wanted to see how they’re faring on Facebook around this time of year. There’s also that little matter of their real-life legal battle, which involved Hershey getting a U.S. ban on importing Cadbury from the UK.

At a glance, it’s easy to see who is leading the charge: Hershey’s eValue score of 53.25 outshines Cadbury’s 17.21, and they boast higher scores in engagement and responsiveness (29 and 57, respectively).

So how did Hershey get a sweeter score of the two? For one, their photos of mouthwatering chocolate desserts and so-adorable-I-can’t-even crafts drive crazy engagement from their 6+ million fans. Their community management team dutifully replies to customer service questions (though conveniently glosses over posters who promise to never buy Hershey’s again). They’re also experts at leveraging those made-up holidays like National Blond Brownie Day and National Chocolate Cake Day, in addition to real holidays. (Okay, now we’re hungry.)

While both brands’ scores fall in the mid-to-low range, Hershey seems to be in a better position to find success with Facebook. It makes you wonder why they’re so worried about a little competition from Cadbury in the first place.

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