Benchmark your Brand’s Social Media Performance with eValue™ Analytics

Published by Engagement Labs on June 24, 2015

Social media is no longer a nice to have; it’s a business necessity. In order to break through the noise and ensure your content and message is reaching your target audience, brands need a deeper understanding of their social media performance that goes beyond measuring followers, likes, shares and retweets. What they need is a media metric to quantify the value of their efforts on social media.

eValue Analytics allows you to measure your brand’s social activity over time and monitor and compare your brand to industry competitors. As every industry uses social media differently, it’s helpful to compare and measure your brand’s eValue score with other brands within the same industry in order to get the most meaningful benchmark as possible.

The eValue Score

At Engagement Labs, data is at the heart of everything we do. We provide brands, agencies, publishers and journalists with a standard benchmark score for measuring the effectiveness of social media properties.

Our proprietary eValue score is designed to offer on-demand intelligent data to elevate performance on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Providing a score between 0-100 that is measured based on the results of 3 subscores and benchmarked against our database of 100,000 other social media brands.

Changing the game with Data:

Data is a game changer that allows you to make informed decisions to drive your social media strategy.

The eValue algorithm is complex and years in the making. Here are some of the metrics that weight in the calculation to give a better understanding of how our score works and how you can effectively use the eValue scoring system to measure social media efforts and evaluate performance.

Engagement: Measures the level of interaction (likes, comments, favorites, shares, clicks, etc.) generated by your content and how well your community reacts to it.

Impact: Measures how many unique users may be exposed to a piece of content posted by the channel through organic, viral and paid reach. Impact allows marketers to better understand and measure the quality of the audience they are targeting and how well their content is shared across a given channel.

Responsiveness: Measures the rate, speed and quality of the brand’s responses to their followers. This measurement takes into account the effort that brands put in responding to posts day-to-day. A low score represents the many missed opportunities to engage directly with potential consumers

eValue Analytics measures over 300 sub-metrics that are taken into account. 

Who’s using eValue?

Want a better understanding of the effectiveness of your social media strategy? Are you a journalist who wants to use real data to measure the brands you’re reporting on? Are you a company who wants to gain further insights into your brand’s social media strategy to develop content to reach your audiences? Request a demo today and learn more about eValue, email

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