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QVC Gets A Brand Makeover And Lime Lands A CMO: Marketers Brief

February 6, 2019
Published on February 06, 2019. Welcome to the latest edition of Marketer’s Brief, a quick take on marketing news, moves and trends from Ad Age’s reporters and editors. Send tips/suggestions Procter & Gamble’s Olay did not have a great performance in the widely cited USA Today Ad Meter. But CMO Marc Pritchard is talking up […]

Brands Try to Convince New Generations Products Aren’t Just for Their Parents

August 27, 2018
  By Janet Morrissey – August 26, 2018   In June, Planters’ iconic Mr. Peanut popped up on social media to peddle a canister of Cheez Balls. “How much would you give to try my Cheez Balls? No. Really. There’s a canister up on eBay,” read a mischievous tweet from the account of the top-hatted Mr. Peanut. The crispy […]

Financial Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Real-Life Conversations

October 20, 2017
Financial services marketers say they plan to increase their investment in marketing analytics. Our research proves that word of mouth marketing drives sales.

PlayStation and Allstate Created the Most Talkworthy Marketing Campaigns

May 1, 2019
Video Game Industry Dominates the Top Online Talkworthy Marketing Campaigns, While Financial Services (Especially Insurance) Produce the Most Talkworthy Campaigns Offline   NEW YORK, NY (May 1, 2019) – Before consumers make buying decisions, they talk with friends, family, and coworkers. These conversations play a crucial role in the decision-making process, driving an estimated 19 […]

Dwyane Wade Scores Big for Budweiser, Driving Positive Social Media Conversations

April 26, 2019
Basketball great Dwyane Wade finished his NBA career this month having scored 23,165 points and made 5,701 assists during a 16-year career.  One of his final acts was a marketing assist for Budweiser that scored bigger than Budweiser’s recent Super Bowl commercials, generating a surge of positive social media consumer conversations about the beer brand. On […]

If there’s a recession in 2019, here’s what marketers should do

January 21, 2019
By Samuel Scott-21 January 2019 11:33am … Just see this study by Engagement Labs: “there is little to no relationship between the conversations happening on social media versus those that happen in real life.” In my prior column, I highlighted a recent Ebiquity study showing that only 0.67% of Facebook advertising impressions are quality enough to build brands. And […]

Fever Pitch: Half of Turner’s UEFA Soccer Deals Include Out-of-Home Guarantees

October 4, 2018
By Anthony Crupi. Published on October 03, 2018.   … In theory, the combination of live sports, infrequent commercial interruptions and communal viewing should go a long way toward establishing a premium valuation for out-of-home impressions. And while Turner doesn’t have a whole lot of actionable UEFA data on its hands at the moment (the company aired its […]

It’s Not Enough for Your Marketing to Be Noticed, Consumers Have to Talk About It Too

July 10, 2018
Marketing that works is not only marketing that people choose to notice, but marketing they choose to talk about as well. After all, consumer conversations drive 19 percent of sales. These 5 strategies will help you amplify conversations about your brand.

Offline Social Channels Important to Travel E-commerce Leaders

September 17, 2017
Thomas Cook takes the prize as the most talked-about travel brand in the UK, thanks to huge word of mouth volumes. Social influence is driven by WOM and social.

MediaPost- NFL Word-of-Mouth/Social Media conversations plummet

February 2, 2017
The NFL TV’s ratings weren’t the only data alarmingly down this season for the sports league; its word-of-mouth content among fans was, too. Interest in the league, as measured by word-of-mouth company Engagement Labs, sank a big 26% since last season — to 294 million impressions from 396 million the season before. Engagement Labs word-of-mouth […]