5 skills all social media managers must master

Published by Engagement Labs on July 31, 2014

While the idea of spending the day on Facebook and Twitter sounds like a dream job to many, it actually requires a number of specific skills to ensure your company or brand is getting the most out of its social media presence. Since I’ve been managing a forum and a community for a few years now, I’ve dealt with all kinds of situations and “weird” people – which allowed me to acquire first-hand experience! In order to get the conversation going with your fans and potential clients, there are a few skills every Community Manager must master:

1. The Art of listening

Community managers need to go above and beyond moderation on their pages. A key skill all social media managers need is the ability to practice “active listening”. By active listening I am referring to the deliberate act of reading and engaging in conversations on your social platforms. The posts on your page offer an array of insights into the hearts and minds of your current and future clients. Perhaps they have an idea on how to improve a certain product or service? Better yet, they might even assist you in the development of new and innovative products. Social platforms are like a focus group in real time, make sure your CMs are capitalizing on the priceless information they provide.

2. Keeping up with the latest news and trends

Social media, like the news, is constantly evolving and updating. As a Community Manager, your job is to stay on top of the latest trends and news in a variety of industries as you may be required to issue statements, intervene or develop a crisis plan based on new developments in both social media, communications, and current events. So, in order to make your life easier, sign up for alerts from companies like Google or Talkwalker to make sure you have all the latest news filtered straight to your inbox!

3. Being a good conversation starter

Brands and companies flock to social media to engage in a two way conversation with their fans and customers. As a Social Media Manager, you are responsible for getting the conversation started, and keeping it going! This is where a Community Manager’s creativity and analytical skills come together. Test different types of content on the page and see what gets your fans talking by tracking and analyzing the responses you get. If you are getting more likes and comments on certain types of photos or infographics, it will help you create your editorial calendar later on. Don’t forget, that while getting the conversation started is one thing, you also need to maintain the conversation. This may mean stepping in to correct inaccuracies, liking or commenting user posts and even kicking out the trolls!

4. Being an analytical mastermind

As mentioned above, while some social media pages may look like effortless chat between a brand and its fanbase, it is an illusion. The content being posted has been carefully selected through months of analysis, trial and error. In today’s sophisticated world of social media marketing, you can’t be without a social listening tool to keep up with the latest trends and data coming from your page. There are a number of tools out there that not only measure performance but monitor trends and tone of conversation. Social media monitoring is vital to the success of your brand’s social media presence and marketing campaigns, so go ahead and try evalue analytics PRO!

5. Keeping cool, calm and collected

As a CM, you will inevitably come across trolls, angry customers, spammers and just plain annoying users. As the manager of the page and voice of the brand, it is your job to maintain “grace under pressure”. Brainstorm a number of messages in case you come across these kinds of users. You are the company’s first line of communication and don’t forget that whatever you post, can be screen capped in a matter of seconds. SO keep away from the expletives and stick to your usual chirpy or diplomatic tone, better to kill them kindness than to engage in an all-out Facebook battle!

Can you think of any other skills or attributes that benefit social media managers? Reach out to us and let us know! Drop us a line on twitter @engagementlabs or leave a comment below, we would be more than happy to chat about it.

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