10 Canadian beers are making it BIG on Facebook.

Published by Engagement Labs on August 1, 2014

The scent of grilled meat wafting through neighborhoods, long days at the beach and patio season in full bloom, it’s enough to drive a person to drink. Besides Christmas eggnog, crisp fall cocktails, après ski mulled wine and Easter toddies; summer beers are one of the best boozy companions. It doesn’t take much to convince people to buy beer in the summer time but getting them to buy a specific brand can be another story. We’ve looked at the top 10 brands from the Beer Store to see which of these brands are most successful at marketing their sweet, sweet libations on Facebook.

Here’s how they fared:

Top Evalue Score:

The top brand in the two weeks from July 8th to July 22nd is Busch Beer.  They were successful in consistent posting and a theme of “earning” their reasonably priced nectar.  They were also the page that interacted most with their fans by commenting on pictures and responding to questions. This gave them the highest responsiveness (speed and quality of response to content directed at the brand page or profile) over the time measured.

Most Impactful:

Despite having a low overall evalue score, Heineken achieved high impact (Impact is calculated by looking at the efforts by the admin and both the organic and viral reach that is achieved by each effort) over the two-week with a small number of high quality posts. They include this stylish/catchy video that was shared, liked and often commented on by tens of thousands. Facebook videos are a tool that many brands have been very successful with recently. The auto play feature grabs users attention much more than a text or image in a users newsfeed.

Most Engaged:

Molson Canadian achieved the highest engagement score (engagement takes into account the number of Facebook fans, efforts by the admin and the interaction that takes place on that account) with posts that not only promoted beer but also aided in the consumption of said product. THANKS MOLSON! The sole brand that is MIA during this period is Labatt Blue. Their latest post from April does not feel as timely at this moment. Posts for beer brands tend to be easy to come up with and get interaction from. It seems odd that a brand as large as Labatt would let this slide. To find out how your favorite beer brand compares to these top sellers, check out the free evalue analytics tool or sign up for a free pro trial. Now while the sun is still out, get away from your desk and have a pint! M’kay?

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