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    See how TotalSocial® can maximize your marketing ROI by looking at both online and offline influence analytics.

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There is perhaps nothing more important in marketing than what consumers say about your brand when talking to their friends, family and co-workers. These conversations drive awareness, consideration, brand equity, sales, and customer loyalty.

TotalSocial® provides the most comprehensive view of this conversation by bringing together online social media listening with comprehensive offline word-of-mouth conversation analytics and creating a single performance score. See TotalSocial® in action below.

An industry first: measuring online and offline conversations
Conversations drive up to 25% of all consumer sales but only 1/3 of that comes from online activity. The TotalSocial® score is an industry first, bringing together all conversations into a suite of metrics that can be leveraged to tap into the power of consumer conversation to drive business results.
Gain a deeper understanding of performance
TotalSocial® scores are available by brand, category, or custom competitive set. View your industry in a whole new way with a single integrated dashboard that monitors performance, predicts future growth and delivers insights that drive business results.
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